All About The Guyz

Isaac Stangler

            Every rock and roll band needs a front man, and we happen to have a damn good one! Don't let that smile fool you. Behind the ever cheerful and chill guise is a serious set of pipes. Slaughter? No problem. Steelheart? Maiden? Isaac's got it covered. Although a relative newcomer, Isaac's got the chops and the balls to put it out there. Isaac started off most notably with an outfit called Vulkan. A multi-instrumentalist, Isaac plays guitar, piano and alto sax. Come to think of it, I think he plays bass, also. His influences range from Skid Row to The Ramones, GNR to Green Day. When he's not writing music with RJaxx Music, he's producing the Punk Skunk line of rock apparel and "devices for alternative recreation" and studying glass blowing. 

Sam Weulander

           Quite simply put, Sam Weulander IS Rock Godz. Original creator and owner of the band, Sam embodies the rock and roll spirit: Work hard and take no prisoners. Sam started at 16 and cut his musical teeth on the likes of Randy Rhoads, George Lynch, Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wydle, Prince and Marty Friedman. When Sam straps on his axe, he means business. Sam's played in well known acts  such as Mortal Chaos, Shameless Desire, Jonah and the Whales and original project, Plaid. Sam's dedication to the gospel of arena rock has led him to share the stage with acts such as Tesla, Firehouse, Ratt, Steelheart, Survivor, Dokken, Great White, Autograph Skid Row, Slaughter, Vince Neil and many more. Spandex,hairspray and killer skills! What more do you want? Turn it up!

Johnny Strutt

            Hard hitting drummer Johnny Strutt has performed for the past 15 years with a myriad of successful artists including Mazarati, Tony Christian, Radio Playboys, Sonny Vincent, Tattooed Millionaires, Chase and Ovation, Monsters of Mock, Wild Side and Mark Stone and The Dirty Country Band. Johnny's diverse musical background gives him the ability to lay it down solid while adding his own personal mojo to Rock Godz sonic assault. Tats and hats and sticks like bats! Johnny's the road the rest of the band drives on.

Dishonorable Mention : Russ "Sleazy" Lund

 As a veteran of the local scene, Hairball alumnus and co-creator of the original "Jerk Jam", Russ understands rock and roll bass. His motto is: "Beat the shit out of it and leave some blood on the stage."  He doesn't smile very much, but that usually means a killer Lemmy impersonation is just around the bend. "Ace of Spades" anyone? When Russ isn't with us or subbing for any number of bands, he actually cleans up real nice and goes out on tour with his main gig, Free Fallin: A Tribute to the Legacy of Tom Petty. Check them out!

          Russ is also a part-time graphic designer who has recently been handling Rock Godz promo and has done album covers for artists such as itis!, Karl Swartz's "The Minstrels Bazaar", Kris Vox and Outlaw Saint.