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         Welcome to the all new and totally ass-kicking Rock Godz website. We hope to see all our fans, old and new, stop by for info on all things Rock Godz! We'll be adding more stuff in time, so check back often for new content and show updates. We don't want you to miss the party when we come to your town!


What do YOU want to know about Rock Godz? 

             We're aways trying to think of new and interesting stuff for the Newz section, and we'd like your opinion. We'll always have the latest show info, but maybe you want a little more? Interested in gear? New guitars? Q and A about what we do? Recipes? We want to get to know our fans and we want them to get to know us. If you have an interesting idea or question, hit us up on Contact!


        Declare your faith to the gospel of 80's Metal and Rock with a Rock Godz T-shirt. We've got a brand new design (courtesy of local scoundrel and bassist Russ "Sleazy" Lund) and it kicks ass! Currently not available through website purchase, but come on down to a show a pick one up in person. We'd be happy to see you. Throw some horns, Rock Godz style!  AVAILABLE NOW! Show your Purple Pride with our new limited edition

Rock Godz T's and tanks!

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             It's official! Aberdeen, South Dakota kicks ass! We had a blast in front of a capacity audience at the Dakota Event Center. The peeps there we're definitely ready to show us a good time! We brought our game faces and made a LOT of friends that night. 

             Of course Firehouse and Steelheart turned in killer sets, leaving everyone thoroughly rocked. It was an honor and pleasure to share the stage with bands that made us start doing this kind of thing in the first place. Thanks, guys, let's do it again sometime!

Check out the photo page for some shots from the show. If you managed to snap some cool Rock Godz pics, hit us up on contact. We'd love to see them!

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